is a visual journalist and investigative reporter based in Berkeley, California. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara and a current masters student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, his work focuses on displacement and migration caused by a disrupted climate and socioeconomic upheaval.

The son of a political refugee and an economic migrant, Brandon was raised in Tucson, Arizona where tensions at the nearby border and dispossession of indigenous land continue to shape his work. With an eye on constantly evolving media platforms, Brandon’s storytelling spans mediums ranging from written features to photo essays, interactive maps and immersive video. 

Resume available here.


Richmond Confidential

Santa Barbara Independent

Time Magazine

Vice News

Think Progress

The Real News

Voices on Campus



Sufficiently Dangerous; Glass Box Gallery (2015)

Look But Don't Touch; Art, Design & Architecture Museum End-of-Year Exhibition (2015)

Faces & Facades; Glass Box Gallery, End-of-Year Exhibition (2015)

Faces & Facades; UCSB Cheadle Hall Exhibition (2015-2016)

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